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platinum pink and white diamond dress ring

platinum pink and white diamond dress ring

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Introducing our exquisite Platinum Dress Ring, featuring a stunning lab-grown pink diamond at the centre, surrounded by white diamonds with a total diamond weight of 1.2 carats. 

Description: Make a bold and ethical statement with our Platinum Dress Ring, showcasing a lab-grown pink diamond as the focal point. Meticulously crafted, this ring combines the rarity of a pink diamond with the brilliance of white diamonds, creating a captivating and sophisticated design. The total diamond weight of 1.2 carats adds a touch of glamour to this unique and responsibly sourced dress ring.


  • Material: Platinum
  • Ring Style: Pink Diamond Dress Ring with White Diamonds
  • Centre Stone: Lab-Grown Pink Diamond
  • Surrounding Diamonds: Total Diamond Weight (TDW) 1.2 carats

This dress ring is a perfect choice for those who appreciate both ethical and exquisite jewellery. Whether worn for special occasions or to make a fashionable statement, embrace the enduring beauty and responsibility of our Platinum Dress Ring with Lab-Grown Pink Diamond and White Diamonds.

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